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I’m starting the service for the sake of love and to become the reason someone to change yes or no our needs are not the same in a lifetime. let’s talk about our location some of us are from Village, Town, Sababu, City location, Ghetto, and Street. Yet we are human beings who need a bit of life. We have different backgrounds in our history and present life We have categories  Poor beggar, Broke people, Hustling, Rich, and Billionaires We have classes but still want to change. Some of us are looking for happiness. Some of us are looking for money. we have health and beauty problems. some of us have money but we are not happy Steel. some of us need to talk to someone like me. Someone who loves you as you are, talks to you all the time, makes you happy, Give you hope, Remind you that you are the best, listens to you, Someone who can advise you in a good way and advise you, without tribalism racism religion groups and gender.

There is power in talking to people. 

One of the important things you need to know is the Suicide Rates Around the World

Suicide occurs throughout the world, affecting individuals of all nations, cultures, religions, genders, and classes. Other innate factors, such as disorders of the mind and abnormalities at birth, can heighten someone’s propensity for experiencing depression, whether as the occasional episode or a lifelong ailment. To lower the rates of deaths resulting from suicide, countries need to address many common underlying factors that add up and make someone more likely to choose suicide as an outlet. Depression rates are one factor that holds serious importance, but other factors to take into consideration are academic, performance, physical condition, mental health and well-being, economic standing, financial struggles, workplace performance, and overall life satisfaction.

If you are in this condition you need to talk to someone who is going to understand you and not going to judge you (+27738183320)

1 Disappointed

2 Desperate

3 Loneliness

4 Life fed up

5 Drug addicts

6 HIV and AIDS positive

7 Indoor lifestyle

7 Sex workers

8 Cancer

In case somebody knows and he knows that he knows may be a instructor tune in to him and learn from him, But in case somebody knows and he doesn’t know that he knows you would like a wake-up message, If somebody doesn’t know and he knows that he doesn’t know may be a understudy who has to be follow, Somebody who doesn’t know and he never needs to know he can cause a issue and feel like he’s right

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